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Ant Control – Ant Exterminator

Ant control becomes a must when your Shreveport home has been invaded by small ants. Ants may be tiny, but they are strong and have great numbers. That is why you can find them everywhere in your home if you let the situation get out of control. If you are looking for effective ant control, then look no further than Shreveport Pest Control Pros.

Ant Control

Having ants in your home is very unhygienic. These tiny insects can crawl around dirty pipes and small spaces and deposit germs and bacteria on your skin by climbing on you. They can also deposit them in your food should they make their way to the pantry. But don’t worry – you can remove them from your house using our services.

When you call Shreveport Pest Control Pros on (318) 217-3894, a highly-trained and knowledgeable ant exterminator will pay you a visit to examine your home for possible nesting grounds. Once we agree to move forward, the black ant control will begin and your problem will be history.

Ant Control Service in Shreveport

Ant Exterminator

We know how disruptive ants can be, especially when they invade your living area. You can’t even sit on the couch or sleep in your bed without feeling them climbing on your skin or biting you, which can cause irritation, rashes and even trigger an allergic reaction. An ant infestation by the wood-eating variety is even more dangerous because if they munch on a wooden support beam, a section of your house can collapse and possibly injure you or someone else.

It is time to reclaim your home with our ant exterminator. This professional will use pesticides, mats, traps, baits and other techniques and solutions to thin out their numbers until no ant is left. The ant exterminator will go as far as killing all the queens (if they happen to be more than one) so that they don’t repopulate (ants can reclaim their numbers very quickly).

Local Exterminator for Ants

Many people make the mistake of using DIY methods to control the ant infestation before calling an ant exterminator. This can be time-consuming and costly since they are usually ineffective and the ants end up coming back. At Shreveport Pest Control Pros, we get rid of the ants and make sure they never come back. What’s more, our solutions are also cost-effective, quick and very safe.


Get affordable and effective ant control today by calling Shreveport Pest Control Pros at (318) 217-3894. You shouldn’t have to suffer because of an ant infestation or try to handle it yourself. You need a professional ant exterminator to take back your home.